Golden Berries

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Hello! Hope you had a great weekend! Mine was fabulous - and reassured me that a 3-day weekend/4-day workweek would be completely ideal. Am I right?!

I was so darn excited to pick up this week's CSA box. A couple of weeks ago, the organic farm we purchase our produce from sent an email letting us know that raspberries would be ready soon. Y'all...Evan LOVES raspberries. 

Beautiful! However a different berry stole the show today...

Golden Raspberries. I had never heard of such a thing! They are absolutely delicious and taste a lot like regular red raspberries, but they're so fun eat. It's like eating a banana that's blue...something unexpected! :)

Some purple cabbage made an appearance for the first time. We've had regular green cabbage before (a lot actually), so this gorgeous vegetable is quite exciting.

Perfect strawberries - two packages. Score!

And of course the produce that keeps coming back for more each week: carrots, broccoli and oranges. 

Finally, we received zucchini, potatoes and yams (and baby spinach & lettuce not pictured). 

This was definitely a great box of produce this week. I plan making a big ole batch of vegetable curry soup via Oh She Glows to use up a lot of these veggies.

What's on your menu this week?! Golden raspberries - ever tried them? 

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