CSA Celery

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Howdy! I'm feeling the blog love on this morning's post! I enjoy learning about new blogs, so I'm definitely appreciating your recommendations. :)

You loyal readers know what's coming up next...CSA produce time! For those new people out there (hello and welcome - please say hi!), my husband and I belong to a Community Supported Agriculture program. We purchase a box of organic produce each week, and I always share the loot with y'all on Tuesdays.

This week featured a new vegetable!

This is the first time we received celery (featured alongside some beautiful nectarines). 

The beets are absolutely huge this week - almost the size of the oranges we received!

The carrots are super short and fat this week. I'm always amazed at the variety of carrots - miniature, gigantic, twisted - you name it!

Ginormous strawberries for the win! We also received potatoes, lettuce, peas and artichokes. 

I have a pretty low-key night ahead of me. Yoga, reading and The Voice are on the agenda - rough life, I know! 

Do you normally purchase organic produce?

All of the produce from our CSA farm is organic - but I have to admit that we don't always buy organic produce at Trader Joe's (bell peppers, bananas, etc.). 

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