Call Me Houdini

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I am sipping wine and eating chocolate right now. Don't you think that makes for a wonderful National Wine Day? I must thank Courtney for sharing this fact - how I didn't know today was devoted to wine is beyond me!

After Evan and I got back from our run (I ran 3 miles in 27:49 - woo!), we did what any normal people would do after going for a run:

We busted out a bottle of wine. That little case around it? That, my friends, is the Houdini Wine Chiller. If my memory serves me correctly, Evan's parents gave that to us a few years ago. It's stored in the freezer and then chills a bottle of wine in 10 minutes. Pretty sweet, huh?

I originally had a sweet potato and lentil curry dish on the menu for tonight but had no desire to cook after getting home from our run at 7:30pm. I magically found a frozen pizza in the freezer - just call me Houdini! :)

This was no ordinary pizza, no siree. It was a roasted vegetable pizza with shiitake mushrooms, red peppers, caramelized onions and artichokes hearts.

Check out the ingredients!

I know! By the way, you may have noticed that there is no sign of dairy. That's right - no cheese on this pizza. It sounds odd, but you really don't even realize that it's missing. I know Sarah probably thinks this is absurd! :)

It turned out to be a great night! Now I must get back to my wine and chocolate...

Be honest: do you keep frozen pizzas in your fridge to have on-hand?

We almost always have one in the fridge. All the frozen pizzas from Trader Joe's have decent ingredients, so I never feel bad about it. They're usually reserved for a weekend meal, or in cases like tonight, when I just get lazy!

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