Whoa, Kale!

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So I have to admit that I was hesitant to post the kale recipe because kale can be such a touchy subject. People either eat it all the time or hate it entirely. Apparently, most of you enjoy kale and A LOT of you are excited to try it out! I enjoyed reading all your lovely comments! 

Before I share this week's produce with you, I want to let you know about a side project of mine. I have another blog, Simply Sorority, that is devoted to bringing all sorority women together and breaking down negative stereotypes. If you are a proud sorority sister (or know someone who is, whether they are currently in college or an alumna) please let me know! I'm trying to get that blog up and moving and would love your support!

Ok, self promotion is over! Community Supported Agriculture time - my favorite part of the week.

Artichokes, carrots, oranges, potatoes and lettuce.

Parsley, peas, onions, broccoli, beets and STRAWBERRIES (times two!). 

Oh, yes. You best believe I'm making beet risotto this week. My taste buds cannot wait! Other treats this week include: rosemary infused mahi mahi, baked polenta and steamed artichokes.

A lot of you asked about how I prepare artichokes, so I'll be sure to cover that in a post soon.

Ok, I'm off to snack on strawbs. Enjoy your Tuesday night, friends!

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