Steel for Breakfast

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Good morning and happy Friday to you all! Evan and I have had something going on every weekend since the beginning of February, so we're looking forward to a low-key, relaxing weekend. Do you have any major plans?

I found out last week that I won the King Arthur Flour giveaway over on Oats and Spice. I've never tried KAF prodcuts but have only heard great things about them, so naturally I was excited.

Here's the loot:

Yellow cornmeal and white whole wheat flour are simple enough. 

Steel cut oats? To be honest, I've never had them before!

I think they look like chopped oats. I'm going to try them for breakfast this weekend, but I want to know if you've had them before. Is there a special way I should prepare them? Let me know!

Speaking of breakfast - what did you have this morning?

Moi? I'm currently enjoying Greek yogurt, homemade granola & chia seeds. Mmm! 

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