[Open Space] Thornewood

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Hello! Hope your Sunday is going well!

After our little fire mishap this morning, Evan and I took off for our second Open Space Preserve hike this weekend (check out previous hikes here). But before I go into today's hike, I want to share yesterday's with you!

Nature was calling our names yesterday afternoon, but we also wanted to watch the Final Four games. We found a short trail at Thornewood Open Space Preserve (1.5 miles) and decided that it would be perfect.

The hike had us walking right by redwood trees. Those suckers were tall! We looked up the trail route beforehand and knew there was going to be a lake at the halfway point.

Don't you think this is the perfect spot to sit down and enjoy some wine?! Well, that's exactly what we did!

Wine cooler!

My parents gave us a sweet wine cooler/tote for Christmas, and we finally put it to good use! We brought a bottle of Charles Shaw (two buck chuck from Trader Joe's) Cabernet Sauvignon and some mozzarella sticks. Check out those classy plastic cups. :)

Thornewood has been the shortest Open Space hike that we've done, but it was still really pretty with gorgeous views!

Like I mentioned earlier, we went on another trail hike (this one was pretty flat, so mainly a walk) today - I'll be posting about it tomorrow!

Hope you all had a lovely Sunday. Enjoy your night! :)

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