[Open Space] Ravenswood

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Well, we made it through another Monday! How was it for ya? Mine flew by - work has been crazy lately. For those who are new here - I work in development for a non-profit organization. It's a very small company, so I tend to take on a lot of different roles. I keep busy, but I absolutely love it.

Yesterday Evan and I went on another Open Space Preserve hike (read about our Saturday hike, which included wine, here!). 

Ravenswood Open Space was a very flat trail and ended with a lookout point right on the bay. It was gorgeous outside yesterday - sunny and in the high 60s.

Since Evan and I are trying to hike our way through all 26 OSPs, I've been wanting a bag that would carry my camera, phone, snacks, chapstick, etc. Lucky me...my parents got me a North Face Roo for my birthday (along with that snazzy new food processor!).

It fits right on my shoulder - don't even feel it when we're walking!

Beautiful. The trail at Ravenswood is about 2.5 miles, and we think we might head back soon to run it (since it's so flat).

Best part of your Monday?

I'd say my 3-mile run after work today - I've been so motivated this past week! 

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