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Happy Weekend, friends! I took the day off from blogging yesterday - I had to spend every free moment catching up on The Masters. :)

Evan and I had exciting plans for this morning, which included an appearance by...

Ashley! I started reading Ashley's blog last summer and truly admire her honest posts. She works for Green Festival and hosted a giveaway for free tickets to this weekend's expo in San Francisco. I scored some of the tickets, so Evan and I headed up to the city for the morning. 

Here's some information about Green Festival, taken from their website:
Join us at the nation's premier sustainability event, where you will see the best in green. Enjoy more than 125 renowned authors, leaders and educators; great how-to workshops; cutting-edge films; fun activities for kids; organic beer and wine; delicious vegetarian cuisine and diverse live music. Shop in our unique marketplace of more than 300 eco-friendly businesses-everything from all-natural body care products and organic cotton clothing to Fair Trade gifts and beautiful kitchen tiles made from renewable resources.
It was great to see so many companies with green initiatives, as well as organic & all-natural products.

Mary's Gone Crackers was a highlight for me, as I'd never tried their products before. I sampled some of their Chipotle Tomato Sticks & Twigs and was highly impressed.

I wasn't too surprised to see Clif Bar at the festival, as they are based in California.

I grabbed a sample of the White Chocolate Macademia bar - so good! While the highlight was meeting Ashley today, our lunch was a close second.

Rice, Channa (garbanzo beans), Raita (yogurt-cucumber sauce) and Chapatis (aka: roti). Unbelievable. 

We also enjoyed THE best samosas known to man. They were huge and full of flavor. Absolutely delicious!

I had such a great time at Green Festival - major thanks to GF & Ashley for the tickets!

Our afternoon was spent watching the third round of The Masters - exciting stuff, my friends. What have you been up to today?!

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