Cali Tour: Golden Gate Bridge

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This is the third post of the series, Cali Tour. I'll be sharing stories & pictures from my parents' visit here in California. Other posts: Stanford's Memorial Church and Alcatraz Island. 

A visit to San Francisco isn't complete without a trip to Golden Gate Bridge.

It's absolutely breathtaking!

The best part? It's free! We had to give up a few quarters for parking, but I'd say 75 cents was worth it - don't you think?

My mom really wanted to walk on the bridge, so that we did. Check out this beautiful view of downtown San Francisco from the bridge:

Heights don't bother me at all - but they make Evan and my dad just a *little* nervous. Luckily, the views made up for that!

Yay, heights! :)

When Evan was in San Francisco last year before we moved to the area, he actually biked across the bridge with some of his friends - which is impressive considering his feelings toward heights!

Do you heights make you nervous?

Like I said, they don't really bother me - as long as I know I'm on a secure, stable structure! :)

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