Cupcake in Bed

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Saturday, March 5.

6:45AM - Evan rolls out of bed, and I continue sleeping.

7:05AM - Evan starts singing, "Happy Birthweek to you." I groggily wake up to this:

That, my friends, would be a cupcake in bed! To be exact, it's a Fleur De Sel cupcake from Kara's Cupcakes. Dark chocolate cake, caramel filling, chocolate frosting and sprinkled with salt.

My birthday is next Friday, March 11, so today marks the start of my official "birthweek" - which makes me super excited! Evan was so thoughtful and went to pick this little cupcake up yesterday (and hid it in his desk!) - the perfect start to birthweek! :)

You better believe I had it for breakfast.

Don't worry - I shared!

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