Crazy Carrots

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I was seriously blown away by all your suggestions for ways to enjoy carrots. As I mentioned on Tuesday, we have a boatload of carrots in our fridge right now. You have all inspired me with your comments!

Liz loves to dunk them in hummus, peanut butter & pumpkin butter. Debbie is also a fan of peanut butter!

Kaitlin is a fan of roasted carrots - as well as mixing them into baked goods.

Elin made Black-Eyed Pea Carrot Burgers last weekend - yum!

Dipped in hummus & roasted with a little cinnamon are Erin's favorite ways.

Ranch dressing? You got it, Tracey and Design Wine & Dine!

Yelena likes cooked carrots served with honey and butter. You had me at butter!

Add three more points for hummus - Natalie, Sarah & Gina love it!

Jenn is a smart lady: carrot cake! 

Simply sauteed with olive oil & spices - great idea, Mandy.

Kelly shared a recipe for Honey Glazed Carrots.

Roasted carrots are loved by Grace & The Fit Academic.

Kayla shared this carrot cake recipe by Chef Katelyn.

Stephanie suggested a shredded carrot & raisin slaw. Y'all know raisins freak me out in baked goods, but I think I might like this! 

Sarah found a recipe for Carrot Bread on Eat Live Run.

Carrot Cake Oatmeal - love it, Angela!

Alyssa had an idea of using carrots in sweet potato cakes - creative!

Have any carrot recipes to share?!

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