Cali Tour: Stanford University

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This is the first post of the series, Cali Tour. I'll be sharing stories & pictures from my parents' visit here in California.

Hello, hello! I hope you had a fabulous weekend - I sure did! I took these past few days and had a wonderful time with my parents. Evan and I were able to give my parents the grand tour of California: Stanford, San Francisco, Alcatraz, Napa, Half Moon Bay - everything!

I thought I'd start at the beginning...after we enjoyed breakfast on our balcony on Thursday morning, we gave them a small tour of Stanford University. I haven't been too open about Evan being in graduate school - just a few mentions here and there. Anyway, he's studying mechanical engineering at Stanford, so my parents were very excited to see campus.  

Because it was drizzling here on Thursday, we did a short tour - a longer tour was enjoyed on Sunday. Our first stop was Memorial Church. It's absolutely breathtaking!

Evan and I have been to church a few times on campus. I can't explain how amazing it is to worship in this beautiful space.

After Memorial Church, Evan took us to the main building for the Design School at Stanford. We stumbled upon user-testing for JetBlue - and they asked us to join them! We watched JetBlue employees perform skits, and we gave our feedback about user-experience while flying. It was a lot of fun!

Our last stop on campus was the bookstore...look what my parents bought us:

A Tervis Tumbler - one for me and one for Evan! If you follow Julie's blog, you know how much she loves her tumbler. I'm excited to start using mine! Oh, and the logo is in between the two compartments, not on the outside - so it shouldn't rub off. Score!

We ended the day with a littler burger action at The Counter - best veggie burgers ever!

I had the veggie burger on honey wheat bread with pepperoncinis, black olives, pickles & grilled onions with dijon balsamic dressing. Mmm!


Evan ordered a beef burger! I can't remember all of his toppings, but I know (& can see!) that he got sprouts, roasted corn & a whipped avocado spread.

My parents enjoyed their relaxing first day in California. Coming up on the next California Tour post: Alcatraz!

Have you ever been to California?

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