Birthday Baking

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Welcome to my kitchen!

Check out that wild apron! I got it yesterday in the mail. It's one of my birthday presents from my wonderful parents-in-law. Clearly, I didn't wait until my birthday to open it. :)

LOVE my KitchenAid. I used it today to whip up my birthday cake: this coconut cake recipe from Sunset magazine. 

Look at that war zone! Notice how the microwave is turned around? Yeah, we have one outlet in our kitchen, so we have to turn the microwave when we want to use a blender or mixer to make room. Oh, tiny California apartments.

PS - the iPad is AMAZING to use in the kitchen. I pull up recipes on it all.the.time. SO convenient.

That was right before the cakes went into the oven. They're cooling right now.

I'll be frosting them later tonight, and we're slicing into it at midnight! I'm not even kidding. I think it's a fitting way to ring in my birthday. PLUS I'll be able to have it for breakfast tomorrow. Woo!

What is your favorite birthday treat?!

Growing up I always asked for funfetti cupcakes OR Dairy Queen ice cream cakes. Sophisticated, I know! Nowadays I like to change it up every year.  

Also....HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear friend, Kristin! 

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