The Wonder of Wheat Berries

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Top 'o the morning to ya, friends! How is your day going?! Are you enjoying a day off from work? I sure am!

Playing catch-up from the weekend?
 - I have a new favorite recipe
 - Pizza & beer made an appearance
 - Evan and I splurged on cinnamon rolls
 - And we visited the cutest coastal town!

I just started doing laundry, and I'm currently sipping my coffee and completely enjoying my breakfast. Guess the star of the show in this morning's breakfast!

Before boiling.
After boiling!

Those little buggers would be wheat berries - another one of those good finds that I got last week along with chia seeds! I boiled them last night and stuck them in the fridge, so I could enjoy throughout the week.

While the wheat berries were the star, here are the rest of the players in this morning's breakfast:

Chia seeds, granola that I made last week, and 0% Pomegranate Greek Yogurt from Trader Joe's. I know - it's not Chobani! We did our grocery shopping at Trader Joe's yesterday morning, and I haven't been to another store yet to get Chobani. TJ's Greek Yogurt isn't bad; I just prefer Chobani.

I combined everything in a bowl. One container of yogurt, 1/3 cup cooked wheat berries, 1 tablespoon chia seeds and a sprinkle of granola. 

All mixed together!
This combination is definitely one of my favorites. If you're into texture, you'd love this!

Yogurt: creamy
Wheat Berries: chewy
Granola & Chia Seeds: crunchy

Have you ever tried wheat berries? 

I'm looking for ways to use them!

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