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Well, it looks like I just can't sneak anything past y'all. Chia seeds were one of the "good finds" yesterday!

The title of this post was going to go something like this: Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia. But let's be honest, that's already been done. If you keep up on any healthy living blogs, you are most likely familiar with the fact that chia seeds are, indeed, the seeds that are behind those popular 90s gifts: Chia Pets. Did you ever own one?!

I found this bag of chia seeds from Spectrum Organics while at the grocery store yesterday. I have been really wanting to try chia seeds for quite some time now but have always put them on the back burner because of their price. They're not overly expensive, but I have such a hard time spending money on super hyped-up products. I paid $8.99 for this 12-ounce pouch and thought it was a decent price.

I need to learn how to focus my dang camera!
As you can see, chia seeds are extremely tiny. But don't fret, they pack great nutritional value. A serving size is one tablespoon, and each serving has 4g of fiber, as well as 150% of the daily recommended value of Omega-3. 

Normally, I take a fish oil pill every morning. But I'm going to be honest here (please don't judge me), I sometimes experience those nasty fish burps...even with the "burp free" kind. I can't believe I just shared that, but I think it's important for you to know!

After trying chia seeds yesterday and today, I would definitely rather have them over fish oil pills. They are very crunchy, so they provide great texture. A gel also forms around them when they're exposed to liquid - it's pretty cool!


Today I sprinkled them on my toast with almond butter. You can add them to smoothies, baked goods, oatmeal - whatever! A suggestion on the pouch encourages them to be sprinkled into a water bottle to help keep the body hydrated during exercise. Interesting!

So I want to know: Have you tried chia seeds? If so, what's your favorite way to use them?

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