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Howdy! I hope you are enjoying your Friday night. I've got a little blogging, meal planning and watching Veronica Mars on the agenda. Have you ever seen VM before? I just started watching the series last night through Instant Netflix. Evan and I decided against cable when we moved to California, but we do stream Netflix through our Wii. For $8 a month, it's a lot cheaper than cable, and we have access to a lot of movies and television shows. Anyway, I'm completely HOOKED to Veronica Mars - it's a cheesy teen drama, so chalk it up to another guilty pleasure. (Evan is swamped with classes right now, so don't worry - I'm not making him watch this with me!)

Ok, so I have a fabulous vegan recipe to share with y'all. As you most of you know, I don't like labeling eating habits but do tend to steer toward vegetarianism. I do consume meat - just not very often. I like experimenting with food, so I thought I'd make a vegan main dish earlier this week.

Enter: Snobby Joe's! Snobby Joe's are the hip and super granola younger brother to Sloppy Joe's! I was never a fan of Sloppy Joe's growing up (I very picky), but when I saw this vegan recipe I thought I'd give it a try. 

By the way, I'm sure you could substitute ground turkey, red meat or whatever your protein choice may be. I'm all about inclusion - so if you're not vegan, don't feel left out! But I also encourage you to try this recipe as is...it's SO good!

Very appetizing, right?! Ha -  I know, I know!!

Vegan Snobby Joe's
Source: Veganomicon via Spark People (click for recipe)


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