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Hey, friends! Have you been enjoying your weekend? After volunteering at the community farm yesterday, Evan and I had big plans for dinner with an old friend and drinks with new ones!

Dave lives in Washington D.C. and went to school with us at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He was in Palo Alto for the weekend, and we were able to connect for dinner at Darbar Indian Cuisine. A friend of his, Alex, was in town interviewing for graduate school and was also able to join us!

Hello, Dave & Alex!

It was SO wonderful catching up with Dave and getting to know Alex. I was hesitant about busting out my camera in the restaurant (life of a food blogger), but they were both super supportive and were excited about being showcased on the blog!

While the service at Darbar was slow, the food was exceptional. I went with Bhindi Masala - okra simmered with onions & tomatoes. 

Horrible restaurant lighting!

After dinner Evan and I headed to The Old Pro to meet up with our new friends, Andrea & Pete. Andrea volunteers with the non-profit I work with, and she and Pete just got engaged in January. The four of us hit it off, and we're excited to spend more time with them. Yay for new couple friends!

Kamikazes, Yellow Drops and Stellas were enjoyed - and maybe a shot or two for the boys! Andrea was sneaky and ordered s'mores for the table:

You can't tell, but that little bowl was on fire!

S'mores at a bar? I was totally game! We also noticed a little wall decor that reminded us of Nebraska:

Go Huskers! :)

This morning, Evan and I splurged on blueberry scones for breakfast. We topped them with a little of our olallieberry jam.


Now we're taking it easy - Evan's working on classes, and I'm watching the Oscars pre-show. Seriously, as granola as I am, I truly love seeing all the fancy dresses. 

Be honest: do you like watching award shows?

I'm such a sucker for them all!

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