Leafy Greens

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Evan had a meeting yesterday afternoon, and when he arrived home, he had this:

Fresh Herbs!!
I've been talking a lot lately about how much I want to grow my own herbs. As a little "feel better soon" gift, he bought this combination for me: oregano, thyme & mint. I'm so excited to use these herbs in our meals!

As a segue into more leafy greens, I've been enjoying a lot of salads as of late. While nothing really sounds good when you're feeling sick, I know that it's important to get a lot of good nutrients and vitamins.

Here we have:

1 carrot
1 zucchini
Half an avocado

Everything (except the avocado!) came in our weekly CSA produce box. Mmm, fresh California vegetables!

Hope you have a great Monday! 

Do you grow any fresh herbs?!

This is my first experience with growing herbs - I feel like it's a very granola trait! :)

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