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This morning Evan and I did a little volunteer gardening at Full Circle Farm, a nonprofit dedicated to the renewal of a sustainable, local food supply for Silicon Valley. 
Full Circle Farm is a community-based educational farm located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Its mission is to dramatically increase access to local, nutritious, life-changing food! - FCF brochure
We spread compost soil around leeks, added mulch to raised crop rows, turned soil and planted peas! It was so refreshing.

Full Circle Farm consists of 11 acres of produce - apples, pears, kale, lettuce, carrots, peas, broccoli - anything that is in season in California is grown. 

They offer a CSA program, deliver fresh produce to Santa Clara Unified School District and operate an on-site farm stand.

They even have chickens!

It was such a surreal feeling to volunteer at a farm in the middle of Silicon Valley. Crazy California!

Here we have dinosaur kale on the left and collard greens on the right:

Some very wise words!

Evan and I had such a great time. At one point, Evan whispered, "This makes my soul happy." I could not agree more!

Full Circle Farm allows for open volunteering every Saturday morning. I can honestly say I that I'll be going back - it's such a wonderful place.

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