Fruits of My Labor

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So that's a lie. I didn't actually grow the fruit I'm about to show you, but I did purchase it from an organic farm! :)

But first - I wasn't surprised that so many of you like Chobani! It seems that I'm going to have to try the pineapple flavor soon, since it's the CookinFanatic's favorite, and I trust her judgment. Sarah also recommended the new lemon flavor. Safeway didn't have the new flavors in, so fingers crossed they'll have a shipment in soon!

I just realized that I never posted the goodies we received in our CSA produce box this week.

Not pictured:
Peas (first time we got these!)

I was excited that we received some peas in this box. It was the first time we got these - I'm planning on having them tonight!

I'm trying out a new mahi mahi recipe tonight, and the above fruit will be making an appearance. By the way, how perfect is that lime? There is a lime tree just down the street from us, and they are all so beautiful! This picture was taken in the fall - I'm wondering how the lime I got from the grocery store is going to compare!

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