Dinner with a Sister

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Good morning and Happy Hump Day! Does anyone else think that's such a funny name? Or am I just completely inappropriate?! Tell me I'm not the only one!

Y'all, last night was pure bliss. I had a sorority sister in town visiting for a work conference. The stars aligned, and the one night that she had free also worked for me (and for Evan!). Rachel is an absolute sweetheart with such a caring heart. I haven't seen her since college, and it was so great to catch up!

We grabbed some Thai food for dinner. The restaurant had a s super fancy atmosphere, but the prices were ridiculously reasonable. I enjoyed the Panang Tofu Curry, and my, oh my! It was outstanding - and I forgot to take a picture. Oops!

Rachel shares a love for coffee with me, so Evan and I took her to Phil'z - only THE best coffee shop in the Bay Area. 

Love taking timed photos! :)

We visited for a while back at our (tiny) apartment before Rachel had to head back to her hotel. I just really can't put into words how fun it was to see her!

Having gone to college at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and currently living in California, I don't get to see my sorority sisters and college friends very often. Seeing Rachel made me miss all my friends even more than I already do! I'm hoping work conferences will bring more people out this way - please and thank you.

How well do you keep in contact with friends from your past - whether it be college, high school, or even past jobs?

I feel like I sometimes get in a rut of being out of contact. Then moments like this (seeing Rachel) reminds me just how important are friendships with other women. Now I want to call up every single one of my friends and tell them I miss them!

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