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After Chobani heard word on Twitter that I had never tried their yogurt, they were kind enough to send me some coupons. (By the way, Chobani has an excellent social media presence - having majored in advertising in college while getting a journalism degree, I appreciate this!)

I know some of you may be shocked to hear that I haven't tried Chobani before. It is clearly one of the more popular brands of Greek yogurt and has a ton of faithful followers...especially in the blog world. 

I do all of my grocery shopping at Trader Joe's. I only go to a "regular" grocery store when I need plastic wrap, foil, etc. TJ's does not carry Chobani, so it's not really an option. 

Since Chobani sent me the coupons, I had a purpose to hit up Safeway earlier today. This Safeway location had a ton of flavors, so I had to make a decision! The 0% Raspberry caught my eye - decision made!

After giving it a quick stir, I took my first bite. Now I clearly understand what all the fuss is about. This stuff is delicious! It has a great consistency and texture, and the raspberry flavor is perfect. You could taste the fabulous fruit, but it wasn't overwhelming. One container of 0% Raspberry Chobani packs 14g of protein - 28% of the daily value. 

Making a separate trip to Safeway each week honestly doesn't sound too appealing. However, I think I'm going to have to do it. I definitely prefer Chobani over Trader Joe's yogurt. 

Have you ever tried Chobani before? What is your favorite flavor?

*Chobani sent me free coupons to try their products. However, the views expressed on The Granola Chronicles are my own.* 

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