The Addiction Continues...

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Happy Big Puffy Hearts Day, friends! How's it going? I have enjoyed reading your Valentine's Day plans. So fun! 

I have a confession. My love for Chobani grows stronger each day. I've been making numerous trips a week to our local Safeway to get my hands on this protein-packed deliciousness. If you know me, I loathe regular grocery stores and Whole Foods is always packed, so I tend to stay away from both of those options. Trader Joe's is where I feel at home - but alas, they do not sell Chobani.

I enjoyed 0% Blueberry this morning with some homemade granola. I made a new variation of granola last night that I'll post soon! While I really liked the blueberry flavor, I think it ranks behind raspberry for favorite flavors in the 0% option. Pineapple (2%) is my overall favorite so far!

While we're on the topic of Chobani, Stephanie over at CookinFanatic revealed some super exciting news today. She is the new star in a Chobani commercial now airing on a television set near you! Click here to read about Stephanie's exciting adventure. You can watch the video here. Congrats, Stephanie! What a fun opportunity!

Do you ever make special trips to stores just for one item?

This is the first time that I've ever gone out of my way to get something - I can usually settle for a different option. In this case though, nothing compares to Chobani.

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