Snow & Sunsets

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Good morning! Hope you're having a fabulous Friday. We're leaving for San Diego in a few hours - I'm so excited. I've never been before, so you can bet I'll be taking a lot of pictures to share with all of you. 

Did you hear about the East Coast snow storm yesterday? Better yet, do you live out East?! People woke up to inches upon inches of snow. Been there, done that. In fact, it's been almost one year since Baltimore and D.C. experienced "Snowmageddon." Yup, Evan and I lived in Baltimore during that time! It was pure craziness. I think we got close to 60 inches of snow in one week. 

Evan even built an igloo! :)


Evan's classes at Hopkins were canceled for a week! My work also allowed its employees to work from home. We enjoyed being able to stay inside, but the roads were terrible even weeks after the storm. With small, narrow urban streets, the snow removal team had a tough time.

But here we are in California - almost one year later. I'll leave you with this: the sunset we enjoyed on Wednesday night. Yes, friends, life is good.


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