[Recipe] Channa Masala

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Yes, yes, yes - I made Indian food for lunch yesterday! I have a few Indian recipes saved in my Google Reader but have never tried making them. As much as I love Indian food, the flavors just seem so complex that I'm afraid I'll mess it up. Sure I've done vegetable curry in the slow cooker, but that's different.

Yesterday was the day! I sucked it up, put on my big girl pants and made Indian food. And guess what. It was absolutely amazing.

I feel like I use "amazing" to describe a lot of the recipes that I post on here - but I promise I'm not exaggerating. Plus this Channa Masala recipe is actually quite simple. 

Check out Jenna's blog, Eat Live Run, for the recipe. 

This made a lot of servings, so we'll be eating the leftovers tonight. I hear that Channa Masala is even better the next day, so I'm super excited for dinner! Oh, and I served some Trader Joe's Garlic Naan on the side - perfection.

Have you ever made Indian food? Do you like to branch out and try new recipes?

I used to be very Plain Jane in what I would eat. After marrying Evan, I've learned to welcome new foods into my life. Now I love Indian, Thai and Ethiopian  - so good! 

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