Homemade Hammock

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Hope you've been enjoying your Monday! I'm so happy you all enjoy Indian food. I have another Indian dish on my menu for Wednesday - be on the look out!

My day has been going really well - the high was around 65* here today. Basically, I would say this is perfect hammock weather.

Do we own a hammock? Not exactly...but Evan made his own version today! I must say, living with an engineer who is very innovative and determined has its perks. 

As I was leaving our apartment to go on a run, Evan casually mentioned how nice it would be to have a hammock on our balcony. You must know that we're frugal. Ok, cheap would probably be the best definition. We really don't need to spend money a hammock. Anyway, I didn't really think anything of it until I came back home and silence filled our apartment. 

I ventured out onto our balcony to find this:

Yes, that would be Evan in our new hammock made with an old sheet. Isn't he just so fun?

The hammock/old sheet works really well! I, of course, was fearful that I was going to land right on my tush upon the hard concrete. Evan is pretty confident of the knots he tied, so I trust him.

Homemade hammock = super granola. 

Do you consider yourself frugal? Have you ever built anything yourself to save money?!

Like I said before, I consider myself a frugal person. Besides the hammock, Evan is actually working on making me a tofu press, so we don't have to buy one. Granted it is for a class of his, but I'd rather have him make one than spend the money. Oh, and I also make my own granola instead of buying it at the grocery store!

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