Cupcake Party

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Good morning! Hope your Tuesday is off to a wonderful start.

Y'all - the cupcake party was so amazing last night. I knew that there were going to be 12 dozen miniature cupcakes featuring 6 different flavors. Going into it, I kept telling Evan that I was going to try each flavor. They're mini, so it'd be easy. Right?

Wrong. After two I was already sick to my stomach. While the mini cupcakes lacked in size, they did not lack in butter or sugar. Don't get me wrong, they tasted like heaven. I just couldn't try

[Excuse the iPhone photos!]

Drama Queen & Pucker Up
I tried Pucker Up first - lemon cake, lemon curd filling and lemon cream cheese frosting. I was afraid it was going to be intensely lemon, but it was surprisingly refreshing. If a cupcake can be refreshing!

I then indulged in the Drama Queen: coconut cake with coconut buttercream frosting. It was, by far, the best frosting I have ever tasted. In fact, I may (or may not) have grabbed another Drama Queen on the way out...

Above we have Pucker Up, Drama Queen and Spice Girl (pumpkin spice cake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting).

Below features Miss Scarlett (red velvet and cream cheese frosting) and VaVaVoom (intense chocolate cake filled with cream cheese and chocolate chips, topped with cream cheese frosting and Belgian chocolate straws). Wow. Evan tried both of those and really liked them!
I'm already planning when I'll have bebecakes again. Because cupcakes have become so popular as of late, there are a lot of so-so cupcakes out there. This was not the case with bebecakes - they were really something special!


  1. What cute cupcakes (and names!) We had mini cupcakes at our wedding and beforehand I thought we had over-ordered but each and every one was consumed, in about a 15 minute period I might add!

    Mini cupcakes are just so precious and delicious :)

  2. These cakes are so adorable!! The lemon one sounds delicious and it's giving me biiiig lemony cravings right now!

  3. Oh wow those cupcakes look SO cute! Love them! :D

  4. Those look so cute and delish! I want one, right now please!

  5. The Drama Queen coconut cupcakes with divine frosting sound fabulous, taking one for the road was a must ;)


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