Slow Cooker Recipes

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A very, very dear friend of mine is getting married next week. I'll be flying back to Nebraska to be a bridesmaid in her wedding, and I am very excited to help her celebrate her special day!

I have raved about how much I love my slow cooker on this blog numerous times, so you know how excited I was to hear that she received one at a bridal shower a few weeks ago. She is going to love the simplicity of using a slow cooker, and the great meals she'll be able to make. 

In honor of her latest kitchen appliance, I thought I'd do a little recipe round-up of all the slow cooker meals I've shared on Ice Cream & Wine. These meals are healthy and prove that you don't have to sacrifice flavor and nutrition when using your slow cooker!

*Please remember that most of these photos were taken with a super old camera and in the middle of winter in a gray, gloomy Baltimore. I'm thinking about making all these again (and soon!), so I can update the photos!

Eggplant Curry
Chicken Cacciatore
Honey Glazed Chicken
Pineapple Chicken
Salsa Chicken
Spicy BBQ Chicken
Turkey Supper Potluck

I hope you'll be able to enjoy these great recipes now that fall is here!


  1. Oh, I'm DEF going to be busting out the crockpot here soon!

  2. This is great! These look so easy and delicious! I just dusted mine off recently and need do complete a successful meal with it as my first one was awful! Thanks for posting these and have a great time at the wedding!


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