Wine Wednesday: Good News

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I'm making this post a quick one (mainly because I don't have any photos to share!). Although we're mostly settled into our new apartment here California (that's so fun to say!), I haven't uploaded pictures from my camera yet. P.S. Did I tell y'all that I got a new camera? It's super fun. More details to come on that.

For now, I have some rather exciting news to share. Remember when I wrote about Charles Shaw wine from Trader Joe's? Well, in Maryland it sold for $3.29 - even though its nickname is two-buck-chuck. I thought it was that price in every state.

Friends, there is a reason why I moved to California. And that is because Charles Shaw sells for $1.99 at the TJ's out here. 

Ok, so maybe that wasn't the real reason. Maybe it's because my husband is amazing and is attending graduate school out here. 

But what a fabulous perk! You can't even imagine how excited I was to find this out! :)

Happy Wine Wednesday, friends. You know I'll be celebrating with a little Shiraz tonight!

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