Wine Wednesday: MOM

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I've realized that by acknowledging Wine Wednesdays every week, the weeks seem to go by rather quickly. Here we are again!

Don't think I've been lacking in the food area - I have plenty of simple recipes to share with you in the coming days.

I'm sipping on some absolutely delightful white table wine as I type this post. Remember when I had the best time at Festa Rappahannock? My husband and I didn't walk away empty handed from that wine festival. Oh no, we bought ourselves a bottle of wine in remembrance of a wonderful day!

It was the white table wine titled MOM from Narmada Winery that won over our taste buds that day. We finally popped the cork and enjoyed it with some homemade pizza. Because really, wine does go with everything.

MOM, named after the winery owner's mother (and in honor of all moms!), is a very light & crisp wine. The aftertaste is just beautiful. It pairs well with spicy Indian food, but as we also found out, it's very good with pizza! I highly suggest this wine to any and all white wine lovers and to loyal red drinkers. My husband is such a fan of red wine, and even this table white brought a smile to his face!


  1. I think wine goes very very well with pizza too ;-) Thanks for the review.

  2. Sounds wonderful! I'll definitely have to try this one! I'm always looking for new wines!

  3. Wine is always good with pizza :) I need to buy this one for my mom!


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