Wine Wednesday: I'm a Winner!

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Wine we meet again!

Can you believe that I indulged in two - TWO! - bottles of wine this weekend and did not snap pictures of either? I'm such a disgrace! In my defense, I enjoyed the wine while visiting some great friends down in North Carolina and just got caught up in some great conversation and some great food. It happens...

But I have a great topic for this week's wine post: today I won a wine-related giveaway! I should let you know that I've been pretty lucky when it comes to blog and Twitter giveaways. I won my first back in March (a $50 Safeway gift card), my second in July (10 raw energy bars), my third last week (Justin's Nut Butter package) and my fourth today! 

Although I've been excited about all prizes, today's takes top honors.

Source: Rosehill Wine Cellars
That, my friends, is a Recycled Barrel Wine Glass Holder from Rosehill Wine Cellars. How cool is that?! I love it for many reasons - A.) it's unique B.) it supports my wine drinking habits and C.) it's green - hello, recycled material!

I can't wait to get my hands on this.  I think it will look very nice in our new California apartment, don't you agree?!

P.S. Three more posts and then the Trader Joe's giveaway! You must be a follower of Ice Cream & Wine to be eligible, so do it now! :)


  1. You're one lucky girl - look at you! Sometime enjoying the wine with friends trumps the pictures!

  2. I still have a ba-gillon weddings to go to this year, I might have to click onto the Rosehill Wine Cellars webiste and see if I can pick up a couple of those babies for wedding gifts! Thanks for the sweet idea :)

  3. ahh congrats! luck is on your side!

  4. Woohoo lucky girl! Justin's Nut Butter would be so cool to win!

  5. Very cool wine holder!

  6. Two bottles of wine? Party Girl!!! Lol :-)

  7. congratulations on yet another give away win...I would start buying lottery tickets with your luck!!

  8. Well look at you! Rub some of that luck onto me!


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