Blog Review: Stephanie Cooks

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When I first started blogging in December 2009, there were only a few food blogs that I knew about. Thanks to the What's Cooking board on The Nest, my food blog awareness increased rapidly. However, I feel like I have always had this loyalty to the initial food blogs that piqued my interest in this crazy blogosphere.

The first recipes I posted on Ice Cream & Wine were from cookbooks and All Recipes. It wasn't until a month into blogging that I actually made a recipe found on another blog. Stephanie Cook's Parmesan Orzo takes that award! I believe I then made like 3 of her recipes in a row - I loved them all!

I know exactly what drew me into Stephanie Cooks - her recipes are not intimidating and she just seems normal. But if I had to be honest with you (and myself), it may have also been that she has 16 Peanut Butter tags - yum! Here's a little blurb taken from her blog:

"I don't cook elaborate meals. Rather, I cook meals that are simple, use common ingredients, and result in delicious food!"

I love that - meals that anyone can make! She's been blogging since 2008 and has such a variety of recipes listed. 70 Pasta tags, 49 Cookie tags, 75 Chicken tags and 22 Asian tags - seriously, just very well-rounded. 

Stephanie Cooks also features a lot of Weight Watchers recipes. I am not in the Weight Watchers program, but I can see how convenient and reliable this would be for people who do belong to WW.

I encourage you all to mosey on over to Stephanie Cooks - I promise you will like what you see!
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  1. I agree! Her blog is one of the first I found and inspired me to start my own blog. It has been a great hobby! I have also made several of her recipes and loved them all! I agree that her recipes are with normal ingredients that I can find and don't take 4 hours to complete!

  2. Awesome!!! You made my night :) Thanks for the positive review!

  3. Mrs.O - I'm glad you feel the same way!
    Stephanie - thank YOU for being an inspiration! :)


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