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Shameless plug for a friend/faithful foodie? No! That's what friends are goes!

My best friend Sarah from A Scrumptious aFare was truly the inspiration behind Ice Cream & Wine. She started her food blog in October 2009, and I was immediately in awe of her little kitchen creations. Realization started to sink in that our college days were over, and we were now in charge of our own kitchens (goodbye to sketchy sorority food & dessert with every meal!). Sarah has a mix of easy and intense recipes - but I never feel intimidated - she has a great sense of humor that is completely evident in her posts. Check out her blog, and you'll understand!

Here is her description of A Scrumptious aFare:

"As I navigate my way through being the head chef of my very own kitchen, I am documenting my favorite and inventive kitchen concoctions. My goal is to cook outside of my comfort zone and enjoy meals I make right out of my own home!"

I enjoy Sarah's blog because she has a great mix of flavors - everything from Cajun to Indian. She also has good ideas when it comes to saving a dollar: making fresh salsa instead of buying the expensive pre-made stuff, and buying things on sale (such as taking advantage of buy one, get one half off specials). She always finds a good deal!

Sarah and I have quite the same mentality when it comes to cooking and baking - you don't have to slave away in the kitchen to enjoy a delicious meal or a decadent dessert. Of course we do enjoy the time spent in our kitchens - but we also have lives! Trust us, there are some things we'd rather be doing than standing over a hot stove including (but not limited to): drinking wine over a great conversation, eating ice cream, playing golf, making crafts, discussing how we wish Harry Potter was real, or reminiscing about our college days. *Le sigh*

I encourage you to check out A Scrumptious aFare - you'll drool over what you see!

Ice Cream & Wine's pick for casual indulgence: Irish Car Bomb Surprise Cupcakes

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