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Happy FriYAY! Today's a big day for me...my capstone paper for my master's program is due. I *just* submitted it, and it feels so good! I still have two courses this semester but submitting the capstone paper was a major accomplishment. Graduation is so, so close!

Also, half marathon training started this week! I ran on Monday and Wednesday, and both times felt really great. I'm lifting weights twice a week during training, which is a nice balance. I feel like I'm in better shape at this point compared to last year, so hopefully training will be fun!

Here are some fun finds from around the web. Enjoy!

Love (new show coming to Netflix!)
// Slash Film // Judd Apatow, director and producer, read the Modern Love story in the podcast I listened to while at the gym this morning. They mentioned that he has a new show coming to Netflix on February 19 called "Love." I watched the trailer once I got home and cannot wait for this! It looks so quirky, smart, and real.

// The Lumineers // OMIGOSH OMIGOSH. The Lumineers are back, my friends. Their new video/song is out entitled "Ophelia," and I'm kind of slash totally already obsessed. We saw them live in San Francisco at an open-air venue right by the bay. Swoon. I just love them so!

NYC to LA to NYC to LA, Ad Infinitum 
// The New York // Evan has subscribed to The New York since...2009? I think that sounds right. I love reading the magazine, and my absolute favorite column is Shouts & Murmurs. This one was hilarious, and while I haven't lived in either NYC or LA, I could easily relate having lived in San Francisco, D.C., and Baltimore. East Coast/West Coast (best coast!). It's just...so well-written and freaking funny.


friday finds 2/5.

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Hello and Happy Friday! It's been a weird week since Tuesday was snow day, but the weekend is almost here. I have plans to finish the first draft of my capstone paper for my graduate program this afternoon (at least that is the goal). It'd be a great feeling to get it done!

I have to work tomorrow, and then the rest of the weekend will be spent working on our house. The plan is to list it in March, but there are a few things we need to get done before then (painting, changing light fixtures, staging, etc.). Whatever you find yourself doing, I hope you enjoy the weekend!

One Pot Wonder Pasta Con Broccoli
// The Wholesome Dish // I made this Monday evening, and it made enough for leftovers for both Tuesday and Wednesday! Carbs on carbs on carbs. I used whole wheat penne and the Quattro Formaggio shredded cheese blend from Trader Joe's (so good). I also added the mushrooms to the pot while the pasta + broccoli were still cooking. This was SO so so delicious. 

Modern Love - The Podcast
// WBUR + The New York Times // One of my favorite blogs ever, Cup of Jo, first introduced me to this new podcast a couple weeks ago when it debuted. The NYT describes the Modern Love column as a "series of weekly reader-submitted essays that explore the joys and tribulations of love." I've listened to the first two podcasts so far and am totally obsessed. The podcast features a famous person reading the column, and then they talk to the author (a normal, everyday person!) about their story and any updates in their life. So interesting!

Spring 2016 Collection Inspired by Palm Beach, Florida
// Essie // Ooohhh, I love nail polish! I almost always have my nails painted - it just makes me feel complete! I should note that I cannot remember the last time I paid for a manicure. I feel like I am fairly decent at painting my own nails and would rather spend $8-10 on new nail polish that I can use again and again (rather than spending $20 for a one-time color). I love the new "Pool Side Service" dusty teal color and just might have to get it!

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