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Poor Reyna has been so confused all week. Since we packed up all of our belongings last week for the move, she has limited options for snuggling up -- see laundry basket above. I think she's being a bit dramatic though because we do have a queen size air mattress set up, so it's not like the laundry basket is the only option. Silly girl!

So. Today is my last day living in San Francisco! I'm a big whole mess today feeling way too many different emotions, so I'll just leave it at that for now.

Check out some fun finds from around the web!

15 Colorful Summer Desktop Wallpapers (free!)
// Brit + Co. // There are some super cute graphics here that can be downloaded for free. I am using the animal image as my laptop wallpaper and loving it. But really, I wanted to use them all!

How to Sound Like You Know About Wine (When You Really Don't)
// Levo League // I heart wine, that's no secret. I'm the first to admit, however, that I'm not an expert. I know the basics...visiting wineries in Sonoma and Napa regularly helped with that! Anyway, here's a great general overview of wine.

OPI Fall 2014 Nordic Collection
// The PolishAholic // I mentioned earlier this week that Essie is my favorite nail polish, but I have to say that OPI is a close second. This is a great review of their new fall collection, which I am absolutely loving. My top three picks, which I must get ASAP:  Can't aFjord Not To (orange), Do You Have This Color in Stock-Holm (violet/blue), and My Dogsled is a Hybrid (muted turquoise).


my favorite rosé wine.

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So I finally started watching Friday Night Lights. My sister has been texting me for months that I need to watch it (we like to bond over TV shows available via Netflix). For one reason or another, I've always passed on it. Ok, the one reason or another is Parks & Recreation. I've *literally* watched the entire series at least seven times. A fun game I like to play is to see how many P&R quotes I can throw into my daily conversations with people. It's fun!

Anyway, I poured myself a glass of Three Wishes Merlot - yes, the cheap stuff from Whole Foods - and settled in tonight to start FNL. I cried my eyes out during the first episode. And second. So there's that...

But! Drinking the cheap wine made me realize that I needed to share one of my favorite wines with you! Evan and I went to wine country last weekend and stopped at Buena Vista Winery. It's my favorite winery, and we're actually wine club members. We purchased a bottle of their rosé, and it is so so so delicious.

It's crisp, refreshing and just downright amazing.
If you can get your hands on it, I highly suggest it!

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