friday finds 7/24

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Hello, hello! Happy FriYAY! Big plans this weekend? Evan and I are going watch our little nephew show his bucket calf at the county fair, then we have a wedding, and finally a birthday party for our niece and nephew. It's going to be a jam-packed weekend, which should be super fun! Plus I'm getting a pedicure with my dear mother this afternoon, so that's always a win.

Whatever you do, I hope you enjoy it!

No Waitlist!
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Juice Contract
// The New Yorker // I read this Shouts & Murmurs when we were relaxing at Holmes Lake last weekend and COULD NOT stop laughing. The cold-pressed (or any type of) juice craze has gotten completely out of control, in my opinion. This satire piece is absolutely perfect. Just perfect.

Daily Dogs Newsletter
// Buzzfeed // Ohhhhh, this is the best thing ever. Y'all know how obsessed I am with Reyna. She has turned me into quite the crazy dog lady. And I don't hate it. I stalk dogs on Instagram, I talk about Reyna all.the.time, and I have no problem going right up to people and asking if I can pet their dog. No shame, folks. Sign up for this newsletter and get a pic of a cute pup sent directly to your inbox!


weekend wrap-up

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Good morning! My weekend was so lovely filled with good food, great friends, and a relaxing afternoon at Holmes Lake.


When Honest Abe's posted their weekly special last Monday, I just knew I needed it in my life. Evan and I went on Friday night and goodness, it did not disappoint!

Goron's Ruby:
- 6 oz. hamburger
- honey-sriracha coleslaw
- bacon
- blue cheese mayo
- cheddar
- arugula

Dare I say this might be my favorite burger from Honest Abe's? I know that seems like such a strong statement because I haven't had a burger there I haven't liked...but this just might be the best.


I got up early Saturday morning to try and beat the heat during my weekend run. I ran 4.3 miles, and the humidity was horrific. But I did it! It was a great start to the day. I spent the afternoon and evening with some dear sorority sisters. We drank (a lot of) wine and had fun reminiscing about college.

These ladies! I am so fortunate to have such amazing women in my life!


Sunday was pretty low-key, as I tried to recover from the night before. :) Evan and I took Reyna for a walk around Holmes Lake. It's a great 2-mile loop around the lake -- Reyna loves it!

We brought a blanket and some magazines and relaxed by the lake for a bit. It wasn't ridiculously hot yesterday, so we tried to take advantage of it!

Weekly Workouts
M: The Shred, Level 2 + Legs Workout
T: 3-mile run
W: The Shred, Level 2 + Legs Workout
Th: 3-mile run
F: Rest
Sa: 4.3-mile run
Su: 2-mile walk with Evan + Reyna

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