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University of Nebraska-Lincoln (so good to be back!)

Yay! Finally another Friday Finds! I went on a bit of a hiatus once the move from San Francisco >> Lincoln happened. I'm trying to figure out how blogging works into my new schedule (graduate school classes + my assistantship + just life in general) and am easing back into things.

I have a super fun weekend planned with many Chi Omega events:  alumnae wine night, recruitment volunteer and another alumnae party on Sunday. I'll share more next week about what Chi Omega means to me -- it's such a special sisterhood that I am so blessed to have in my life.

Whatever you have planned this weekend, I hope you enjoy every minute of it.

Check out some fun finds from around the web!

How Addicted to Coffee Are You?
// Buzzfeed // Real life:  I get a massive headache around 4:00pm if I don't have coffee in the morning. I blame Evan for this. The man LOVES his coffee, which in turn, has made me love (and rely on) coffee. According to the quiz, I'm a "professional coffee drinker." Already knew that, Buzzfeed!

SanFranLand:  New Web Series Shows What It's Like To Be A San Francisco Girl
// KQED Pop // I love Nebraska, but a part of heart will always belong to San Francisco and Northern California. I just read this blog post about the new web series, SanFranLand, and can't wait to watch the episodes. The trailer was great, and it made me miss SF! Who knows if people who haven't lived in San Francisco will find it entertaining, but it's on my to-watch list for sure.

Don't Call Them 'Kids'
// Inside Higher Ed // When working with the scholarship program in San Francisco, I endearingly referred to our scholars as "kids." I am super aware of this habit and am trying to break it. I am doing a good job of correcting myself after mindlessly blurting it out -- and replacing it with "students." The students I'm working with through my graduate assistantship are high-ability learners and super involved on campus. Clearly, adults! I know that in the world of student affairs, people have mixed opinions on the word "kids" -- the essay and comments are definitely worth a read!


ipsy: august glam bag.

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Another month, another Ipsy Glam Bag! For real though, typing "August" was weird...and the fact that it's basically half over is insane. WHERE did the summer go?

This was my first glam bag that was sent to our new address in Lincoln. I updated my mailing info in mid-July through my Ipsy account and was happy to see the bright pink envelope arrive in my mailbox on Tuesday. Totally seamless transition.

Ok, initial thoughts on the August Glam Bag:  LOVE the products, hate the bag. Honestly, it's the cheapest bag out of the four I've received. I'm not heartbroken over it but just want to be honest about its quality.

Here is the loot:

1. J. Cat Beauty Flying Solo Eye Shadow in the shade, Half Naked. I was initially nervous about this color for my skin tone. It looks very orange (even more so in person than the photo suggests). I was pleasantly surprised that the orange did not transfer when it was applied. It's a very neutral shimmer with perhaps just a slight peachy tint. I've worn this the past two days and love it. A great everyday neutral.

2. Jersey Shore Sun Mongongo Lip Conditioner. This smells like summer! I was in need of a new lip balm to keep in my work bag (I love the EOS balms but hate their awkward shape for slim bags or purses). The Mongongo Lip Conditioner is super moisturizing and long-lasting. Very happy with it!

3. Dr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Refiner Primer. SUPER excited to try this. I currently use BareMinerals' primer and really like it. I have heard amazing things about Dr. Brandt - it seems to have a cult following. I've never tried the brand because, full disclosure, it's out of my price range for beauty/skin products (at least generally speaking). While I can't wait to try the primer, I'm crossing my fingers I don't fall too in love with it -- that would just get my hopes up for something I know I shouldn't be buying (boo to budgets!).

4. Urban Decay Perversion Mascara. Full confession:  I have never tried Urban Decay before. I feel like it's too trendy for my super-average self. Very excited to try this mascara -- plan on doing so tomorrow. Will keep you posted!

5. Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk. I heart heart heart dry shampoo. I used the cheap Suave kind for a while (in the silver bottle w/ a yellow lid). Right now I have Dove kind, which smells great but am totally open to trying out new brands. The size I received retails at $8.99 (Ipsy is great about providing great sample sizes and at least one full-size product every month!).

I use the POP Beauty bronzer every.single.day and absolutely love it. It's a great color for my skin tone, easy to apply and hasn't caused any type of breakouts. Score!

For those of you who are new around here, I signed up for Ipsy with my own money. It's $10/month with no contract (you can cancel whenever!). There are affiliate links in this post, which means I'll receive Ipsy points if you sign up via my links. Heads-up! 

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