my favorite rosé wine.

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So I finally started watching Friday Night Lights. My sister has been texting me for months that I need to watch it (we like to bond over TV shows available via Netflix). For one reason or another, I've always passed on it. Ok, the one reason or another is Parks & Recreation. I've *literally* watched the entire series at least seven times. A fun game I like to play is to see how many P&R quotes I can throw into my daily conversations with people. It's fun!

Anyway, I poured myself a glass of Three Wishes Merlot - yes, the cheap stuff from Whole Foods - and settled in tonight to start FNL. I cried my eyes out during the first episode. And second. So there's that...

But! Drinking the cheap wine made me realize that I needed to share one of my favorite wines with you! Evan and I went to wine country last weekend and stopped at Buena Vista Winery. It's my favorite winery, and we're actually wine club members. We purchased a bottle of their rosé, and it is so so so delicious.

It's crisp, refreshing and just downright amazing.
If you can get your hands on it, I highly suggest it!


ipsy: july glam bag

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Last week I received my July Glam Bag from Ipsy. This was my third glam bag, and I'm just as happy as ever!

When you first sign up for Ipsy, you take a survey. Based on your answers, Ipsy selects products for you each month. My answers leaned more toward make-up products, not skincare ones...and I've always been happy with the selections each month. You can re-take the survey whenever if you want to change up your glam bags!

Here's my July Glam Bag:

1. BareMinerals 5-in-1 BB Cream Eyeshadow in Divine Wine. This is a new product from BM, and I was so happy to try it out. I use BM (matte foundation powder, mineral veil, eyeshadows, mascara, lipgloss) regularly. The color itself isn't one I would normally choose (it's a bit dark), but I really like the application of the eyeshadow and how it blends.

2. Pur-lisse SPF 30 Moisturizer. I haven't tried this product but am super exited about the SPF level. I use Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture in SPF 15 daily. It's lightweight and absorbs easily, so I'm a fan. I am concerned about it not having a high enough SPF and am looking forward to seeing if this Pur-lisse moisturizer might be a new option for me.

3. POP Beauty Sunkissed Bronzer. I have actually been on the hunt for a bronzer. Reviews seem so mixed for different brands I was looking at, so I had trouble deciding. When this bronzer was included in my glam bag, I was thrilled! I've used it a few times already and really like it. There is a soft glimmer to it -- not overwhelming at all. It blends very nicely and isn't too dark for my super pale skin.

4. Elizabeth Mott Tints & Sass Lip & Cheek Stain in Cherry. Ok, so cheek stains freak me out! I don't trust their ability to actually blend naturally into the skin. I have, however, used this already on my lips and really like it! It's a great light red tint.

5. wHet Nail Polish in Facetious. I love bright nail polish and didn't own a great blue hue until now. It goes on very light and requires at least two coats to look its best. I swear by Essie, which all you need is one coat -- so I'm a bit spoiled. The wHet brand definitely isn't the best quality, but it's a fun color for summer.

So there you have it! FYI - I signed up for Ipsy with my own money. You can sign up too here (psst - that's an affiliate link, so I will get Ipsy points if you sign up). It's $10/month with no contract!

I am loving the Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray. I use it along with the hair oil I received in my May Glam Bag. It's great for messy, natural waves! I'm still obsessed with the NYX Butter Gloss that I received as well. Finally, I'm happy to report that I really the Jessie's Girl Liquid Eyeliner. I'm still working on my technique, but I love the clean look of liquid eyeliner. 

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